YNW Melly Reportedly Facing Death Penalty in Florida

YNW Melly was skyrocketing to stardom behind his “Murder on My Mind” single, which shocked a lot of Hip-Hop fans when law enforcement revealed that it may be a true story. The Florida emcee was arrested on a double murder for killing two of his friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser, he is now facing the death penalty.

The death penalty is still an active sentence in the state of Florida and TMZ now reports that option is now on the table for the rapper who plead not guilty to the crimes.

In court documents, prosecutors state Melly killed the two men for financial gain, while also stating that Melly is a gang member. It was believed YNW Melly, in addition to YNW Bortlen, traveled with the dead bodies of the two men in the car, taking them to a hospital after the murder. The two are believed to have also shot their own vehicle to staging being a target.

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