How to Build a Website to Sell Beats Online

Melanie Kealey
Website to sell beats

As a beats producer, you’ve got lots of tracks that you want to sell. A well-organized website is essential to offering your beats all in one place. Plus, you can control and promote your content, and with Bluehost, keep 100% of your sales. Let’s get started!

Key Elements for a Beats Website


Add a short paragraph of bio text, and remember to add some keywords here. This will attract interest from people looking for certain types of instrumentals (think: electronic beats, house music, video game music, etc.). It will also help your website rank better for those things in the search engines.

You should also highlight some of your newest beats, or a special promotion right here on the Homepage. Using our built-in music players, where you can use the sale pricing feature to offer beats at a discounted price. You can also embed an external widget from a source such as SoundCloud or Airbit using the HTML feature.

Buy Beats or Beats for Sale

This page will be the go-to for your full catalog of beats. Separate them into different music players per album, or per style, so that the songs are easy to browse and buy.

With our built-in music feature, you can include a custom, watermarked preview clip for any track for streaming. When someone buys that track, they will receive the full version. You can also include a digital copy of the license, or contract, stating how the track can be used.

Already have tracks uploaded in bulk at SoundCloud but want to sell them here, commission-free? You can quickly import your beats from SoundCloud to our features here with just a click. Airbit allows you to import all of your beats with one click

Another thing to note in text on your Catalog page, is how your tracks can be used, with exclusive or non-exclusive rights. Your customer will receive the files once they’ve made a purchase.


Create a page talking more about you! Write about your interests, how long you’ve been producing beats, and how you got started. Add a few images, in a gallery, or use our Instagram feature to connect and display your feed.

Blog / Videos page

The purpose of this page to to promote your beats. You can do this with a blog feature, giving inside tips and a look at how you create your beats. Add some video features as well, to showcase your tracks. Then add an image with a ‘Buy Beats’ link back to your Beats for Sale page.


Do you take custom orders? Add a contact form with custom fields so that you can give an accurate quote. You can also add your social media icons here using the My Sites feature.

Other features: Store feature, mailing list

If you want to sell tracks in a .zip or .rar format, you can add them to a Store feature as a file download. You can include a digital copy of the license in the file as well. When a customer buys a beat, you can also use our discount codes feature and email them a discount code to use on future orders to encourage them to buy more.

Using a mailing list signup form to collect addresses ensures you’ll have a way to advertise when you release new beats. You can even give one away to get people to sign up to your mailing list.