Oxymorrons Debut New “Loser” Cut

Oxymorrons Debut New “Loser” Cut

Queens, NY-bred alternative hip-hop crew Oxymorrons has returned to share its newest “Losers” track, previewing the group’s forthcoming Gateway Drug EP

“‘Loser’ is about putting a spin on the word,” the group tells Billboard of the new selection. “Letting a woman know by vain or stereotypical standards I may be considered a ‘loser,’ but when you look past stereotypes and dig deeper you will find someone that is far from a loser. It’s pretty much our alternative hip-hop version of [the phrase] ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. As minority bands in this space, we often are.”

The cut flexes a unique balance of 808s and a grunge-inspired guitar backdrop to create a fresh new sound. Get into “Losers” down below and stick around for Gateway Drug.

Quotable Lyrics

Look at your hips, girl, you ain’t got regular thighs
Got me mesmerized, you ain’t got regular eyes
I need a slice of your devil’s pie
Got a sweet tooth, Mami, I can’t even lie