Kojey Radical Makes A Promising Delivery On “Cashmere Tears” Project

Kojey Radical Makes A Promising Delivery On “Cashmere Tears” Project

With his Cashmere Tears album, Kojey Radical has delivered on an expertly-crafted effort with star-making potential.

For ten songs straight, the UK-bred rapper properly flexes his skills as an emcee as well as his documented development as an artist, opening himself up to textured instrumentation that finds him implementing traditional grime soundscapes while seamlessly finding support in Highlife-esque horns and nostalgic funk elements throughout the tracklisting.

For all but one cut, he’s going solo and with such star power bursting at the seams, it’s a route that properly underscores Kojey’s talents and introduces listeners to their next favorite.

“Grow with it, feel with it. This isn’t fast food music,” Koejy appropriately illustrates of the effort via Instagram. “This is a meal for the soul. May every tear feel like cashmere on your skin and let your ego fall like silk. Some feelings are more expensive than others.”

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