K. Forest Is Back With “More Static”

K. Forest Is Back With “More Static”

While they’ve been building a solid track record on the production front, racking up credits for the likes of Baka and working alongside other team members of OVO, singer K. forest and producer dF now return to deliver on K’s latest as we are gifted with “More Static.”

The new track finds K. Forest in his element, with Caribbean-influenced soundscapes serving as the foundation on which his tactful vocals glide as he addresses the usual suspect of a love interest: “Girl you need to realize/Girl I need you in my life.”

On the socials, K. Forest has promised fans that more music is certainly on the way. If “More Static” is any indication, we’re bound to be hit with summer-heavy vibes all season long.

Quotable Lyrics

Not just a lover you’re my best friend
My right hand, ain’t no question
When I touch road with my bredren
You know I still gotta check in on your text