Guapdad 4000 & Mozzy Turn Debit Claims Into Fetti On “Scammin”

Guapdad 4000 & Mozzy Turn Debit Claims Into Fetti On “Scammin”

Fresh off a week that his highlight reel exposed to the public, thanks to Dreamville’s ROTD III, Guapdad 4000 is back with another song submission, this time with Mozzy riding shotgun, not his coattails, as he seemed to infer last week in conversation with Griselda’s Benny The Butcher. While arguments over ROTD III spots have since keeled over, the cooling effect of amnesia has since been supplanted by the scorched earth of a short carriage ride from Sac-Town to Central Oakland where Guappy was born and raised. 

Instead of fighting over residual bitterness, i.e. the specters of Guap’s Twitter feud, and Mozzy’s real-time animosity with Philthy Rich, also residing in Oakland – the pair do the subject of “Scammin” justice by painting themselves the ills of society. Once upon a time, before he knew the get-down, Guapdad let his guard down and ended up the victim of internalized scammin’, so he turned away for just a second – long enough for him to set up a crack account of his very own, tabula rasa.

Quotable Lyrics:

All my bitches, all my bitches scammin’
All the pieces blammin’
All the pieces, all the pieces blammin’
She just went bananas, Dolce and Gabana
Rented Phantom, she been going banana
She just copped a mansion in Savannah
She don’t need no n—a.

– Mozzy