Tee Grizzley Links With Queen Naija & The Detroit Youth Choir On “Mr. Officer”

Tee Grizzley Links With Queen Naija & The Detroit Youth Choir On “Mr. Officer”

These current times have called for many artists to get into the studio. Rappers and singers are sharing their frustrations and hopes for the future on wax, and Tee Grizzley has partnered with Queen Naija and members of the Detroit Youth Choir to craft “Mr. Officer.” On the anthem-like single, Tee Grizzley raps about the realities of excessive force used by the police as Queen Naija and the DYC sing the chorus, telling “Mr. Officer” that “Y’all are killing us.”

On YouTube, Tee Grizzley shared a few thoughts about his track. “I got a million experiences I can touch on in my music, but I couldn’t make another song without speaking on what’s going on 💔,” he wrote. I’m not a politician or activist but right now it’s everybody’s job to speak up because the pain, the struggle for equality and the brutality is real. ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽” Stream “Mr. Officer” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Y’all supposed to be the heroes though
You know, protect and serve, not takin’ us off of the Earth
I see the police and it f*ck with my nerves
They pullin’ me over, I’m showin’ ’em both of my hands
And watchin’ my words, I got insurance, no warrants
He pointin’ his gun like he wanna blow it
Tell me why we gotta die? He went for his wallet, reach for a gun
You think that some sh*t he’d try? On a cop?
He can’t breathe and you still chokin’ ’em, man, why would he lie?
Your knee in his neck, you ain’t gotta do all that
It’s one against five, RIP