Steph Curry Reacts To Warriors’ Second-Overall Pick

Steph Curry Reacts To Warriors’ Second-Overall Pick

Last season was an uncharacteristic down year for the Golden State Warriors who were dealing with injuries to the likes of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. At times, it felt like the Warriors even had a G-League roster out on the floor, which led to some pretty terrible losses throughout the season. Regardless, the Warriors were able to take advantage of their failings and landed the second overall pick in the NBA draft. With this pick, they decided to take big-man James Wiseman, who seems destined for a strong career.

While speaking to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, Warriors superstar Curry spoke on Wiseman and just how good he looks prior to his first career start. As he explains, Wiseman is a natural and that he’s excited to see him out on the floor come December.

“I think his demeanor – you can look at his physique and the raw, natural talent that he has, but when you talk to a guy that just has that look in his eye, like, ‘I’m just ready to learn, I’m ready to work’ – I don’t think he’s afraid of the challenge. That says a lot,” Curry said. “He obviously has to go out and prove it, and we’re going to be tough on him early to put him in the right mindset, what it takes to be successful in the NBA. But he’s got it. I’m excited, man. He could be a once-in-a-lifetime-type of talent in terms of what he can physically do on the court and how he sees the game. It’s going to be great for us.”

No draft pick is guaranteed to be a star in the league although, with Curry’s mentorship, there is no denying that Wiseman is being set up for some early success.