Samples: Bruno Battisti D’Amario – Spuma Di Mare

Samples: Bruno Battisti D’Amario – Spuma Di Mare

Originally released in 1974 on Nike NCM 1004

Music composed and directed by BRUNO BATTISTI D’AMARIO – featuring Silvano Chimenti on guitars and Edda Dell’Orso scat vocals.

Outstanding Italian Library session from the desirable Nike private label owned by Bruno Battisti D’Amario and featuring the great Silvano Chimenti on guitars and Edda Dell’Orso scats. Amazing, refined Score music released for TV and documentaries music production with superb loungy and soft sounds inspired by Western landscapes and natural panorama. Moody and bluesy jam with a mixture of various guitar tones, trippy atmospheres and themed descriptive music with addiction of soft Psychedelic moods, Easy Listening and allegro vibes alternated by sweet melodies. The cult maestro and Morricone’s collaborator D’Amario here provides one of his highest masterwork in composition with its classical guitar added by Chimenti’s Psychedelic notes and some mindmelting Edda Dell’Orso’s scat numbers. Several exquisite Spaghetti Western inspired themes, maybe used as original score for obscure movie in the ’70s / ethereal LSD Psychedelic vibes with isolated distorted Wah Wah / Lounge moods throughout with nature inspired themes / Folk & Blues influences / trippy Scat vocals / 70s Easy Listening and panoramic descriptive music for a very complete Library session.

Music especially record for TV, series and documentaries.


BATTISTI D’AMARIO BRUNO Compositore Originale (CO)
BRUGNOLINI SANDRO Compositore Originale (CO)

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