Samples: ALESSANDRONI -“Stella Polare”

Samples: ALESSANDRONI -“Stella Polare”

*****This is an original track, not from any film, composed by Roberto Zamori, and performed by Alessandro Alessandroni, who explains, “this is… written in the style of the Italian western, and has a main part performed on electric guitar with whistling. Roberto Zamori is a music professor from Prato in Italy.”

Composer: Zamori

Alessandro Alessandroni is the secret weapon of Italian film scores. It’s his tough surf guitar and eerie whistling in all the “Spaghetti Westerns” (like “THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY”). He was a multi-instrumentalist on all of Morricone, Umiliani, and the others’ soundtracks. His choral group, the Cantori Moderni (Modern Singers), do all the chanting and singing. He sang the original “MAH NA MAH NA” (1968) that The Muppets borrowed. He composed his own film scores, like “El Puro”, “Lady Frankenstein”, and “Killer Nun”. He explored every style from western surf, sitar pop, lounge jazz, cop funk, prog rock, to electronics. He’s still with us making great music. Give him some love and buy his music online.


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