NoCap Drops Off His New Single “Pain Show”

NoCap Drops Off His New Single “Pain Show”

NoCap has officially returned with his new single “Pain Show,” a soulful, melodic, and bouncy drop from the Alabama rapper. His vocal chops are on display as he kicks things off with an extensive chorus, warning anyone who dares try to catch him lacking in the opening lines. “Feel sorry for your soul if you reach for my necklace,” he sings. “Ridin’ round with that chainsaw while I’m in Texas, yeah.” Though likely boasting more finesse than Leatherface, NoCap is no less dangerous to cross. 

“Before you ban me, gotta kill me in your town,” he warns. “Choppa Beyoncé, I just love how that bitch sound / watch out for opps as I hold the ghetto down.” In spite of the more violent lyrical content, there’s a painful honesty simmering within Cap’s vocals; on that note, his performance here is refreshingly restrained, his presence seldom occupying too much space. It’s part of why so many deem NoCap to be among the most promising new rappers, a narrative only gaining further steam since Steel Human dropped in July. 


Murder that she wrote and then I went and took the pen
We gon’ knock ya ni**a down if we never see ya
Thought I made it out the streets, I fell a lil’ deeper
Fucked the same bitches as Meek, watch a ni*ga count a mil’ up
They hate I’m still here, I watched them ni*gas go buy earplugs