Heavyweight Boxer Kash Ali Disqualified After Biting His Opponent

Heavyweight Boxer Kash Ali Disqualified After Biting His Opponent

A commoner picks a fight over a single-digit bar tab. One of the belligerents hits the floor, the other walks off a few pence lighter. Now imagine a real sanctioned bout where the paydays are in the thousands, the bar tabs completely free of charge, to the victors at least.

Last night a boxer named Kash Ali came forward with a spotless record going on 16 fights. His promoter matches him up with David Price, a former European Champion, on opposite ends of their pugilist journey.

Going into the fight, the 27-years-old Kash Ali really thought he was going to spark the old bellend they matched him up with. “Beating someone like David will put me straight in the mix. It’s a great opportunity to show my skills, and show that I’m a real contender,” he told the press, leading up to the fight.

David Price saw his stock dramatically in 2013, after suffering two consecutive losses to the same journeyman fighter, signaling an end to his days as a blue-chip prospect. But last night, Price was a rejuvenated fighter and it showed. In the fifth round, he dropped Ali, but when the 27-year-old rose back to his feet, he didn’t hit back with punches, but with his teeth over his older opponent’s sternum. 

Referee Mark Lyson spotted the bite, then look at Price’s chest to confirm his bewilderment. Within seconds, he’d be looking in the direction of the scorer’s table with instructions to call the fight. Even though Kash Ali took the DQ in stride, it didn’t prevent him from trying to make nice with his opponent after the bout.

When Price was asked to elaborate on what his opponent had whispered into his ear, he mentioned that Ali had requested a rematch.  “I don’t want to share the ring again with an animal like that,” he explained. “He did a couple early on and I thought he had lost his head completely. I hurt him to the body just before the final bite he took.”