Fred The Godson’s “Gracias (Ascension Theme)” Arrives Alongside His Final Music Video

Fred The Godson’s “Gracias (Ascension Theme)” Arrives Alongside His Final Music Video

It has been nearly a year since the tragic passing of Fred The Godson, who sadly succumbed to COVID-19 last April. Fred’s presence is still felt throughout Hip-Hop and the Bronx, as seen earlier this week with a South Bronx street being named after him as well as his first posthumous album Ascension. Now, Fred’s estate is sharing the visuals for the album opener to his new posthumous release, which also happens to be the final music video ever filmed by Fred The Godson before his untimely death.

As mentioned under the music video’s description, “Gracias (Ascension Theme)” illustrates “the creative high” that Fred was on prior to his passing. In the roughly three-minute album intro, Fred unleashes a barrage of bars that serve as a prime example of the late artist’s characteristic intricate lyricism, witty punchlines, and passionate delivery.  

“Gracias (Ascension Theme)” and Ascension are both available now on several streaming platforms, and according to HipHopDX, Fred the Godson’s Ascension with also soon be available on vinyl and CD, giving fans the opportunity to purchase physical memorabilia in honor of the fallen artist.

Quotable Lyrics

Ready to die, number 5 this is your warning
Sendin’ heat to your crib, this not house warming
Shoot the walls in, see we move with the pound
We warring, G, I’ll catch you snoopin’ around