Earl Sweatshirt Smacks Fan’s Phone, Vince Staples Tags In With The e-Fade

Earl Sweatshirt Smacks Fan’s Phone, Vince Staples Tags In With The e-Fade

A supposed “day one” Earl Sweatshirt fan is calling foul on the rapper’s defensive antics. That’s exactly how Mitch Colen explained himself in view of an altercation that resulted in his phone getting swatted to the ground, all because of a poorly-timed photo request. Footage of the incident was uploaded by Colen himself, who for all intents, isn’t a public figure in any sense of the word. The decision to use his full name in context is rooted in the paradoxical elements you will soon discover.

On one hand, Colen has every right to his feelings on the issue. He’s disappointed and rightfully so. Earl tensed up at the thought of a persistent fan crowding his bubble, and that’s exactly how Colen portrayed himself, seemingly in an unconscious manner. The video clearly shows Earl dispensing of Colen’s phone, causing him to yell out, “That’s fucked up, yo, get the fuck outta here. fuck that motherfucker,” words that ultimately fell on deaf ears, as Earl Sweatshirt wasted little time moving away from the scene.

After building his case on Twitter, Colen found himself in a position to influence public opinion, and in the broader sense: broach a conversation over artist-fan relations. Within the vast pool he created, Colen would eventually receive a Twitter shoutout from someone as famous as Earl, but not in the manner, he would have ever hoped, coming from a “day one” fan perspective.

Vince Staples, inherently loyal to Earl Sweatshirt in so many ways that go beyond their shared-vocation, voiced his displeasure with Colen, basically telling him to thank his lucky he didn’t catch a fade from Earl. “If you feel disrespected I can get you a fade from the homie just let me know,” Staples tweeted in response to Colen’s initial post. With that being said, as fans and neutral observers, how do you feel about Earl Sweatshirt’s actions? Colen’s? and where does the line get drawn between private and public life, hit us with your thoughts?