Don Q Etches A Plan To Stay Alive On “Quick Reminder”

Don Q Etches A Plan To Stay Alive On “Quick Reminder”

Don Q consistently gives it his all, giving him the aura of a counterpoint to A Boogie Wit Da Hoodies’s carefree style – an opinion informed by the more strongarmed position he takes within the Highbridge group. Whether it’s in issuing a caution to unwanted trespassers, or a tendency to impart loyalty onto his followers, Q generally keeps a straight line moving forward.

Those who take issue with Don Q’s perceived complacency (as a lyricist) might as well admit: this idea of consistency is only boring because it doesn’t apply directly to their daily lives. Nowhere is that more apparent than on “Quick Reminder,” a song a code of honor no different than guerilla warfare is sketched using the most accessible terms.

First appearing on DatPiff and later on WorldStar as a no-frills music video, “Quick Reminder” forms the basis of this discussion over “consistency” and why those who value its place in music, understand its corresponding value in dealing with life on a street level. When you look at Q’s output under that lens, and only then, will Don Q successively avoid the mousetrappings of NY rap.

Quotable Lyrics:

You moving like you too timid or something
They acting like they forgetting or something
Like a rapper that’s better is living or something
It gotta be 2Pac or Biggie or something
I got a shoebox of 20s to put on the enemy
Go out and Kennedy son.