Cam Newton Benched During 3-Interception Performance

Cam Newton Benched During 3-Interception Performance

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was benched, Sunday, during the team’s 33-6 loss to the San Fransisco 49ers. He threw three interceptions and zero touchdowns before being replaced by Jarrett Stidham.

Cam Newton, BenchedMaddie Meyer / Getty Images

“I wasn’t good enough,” Newton said. “In no way, shape, or form did I put this team in a position to compete. That’s inexcusable. This is the National Football League where a lot is put on the quarterback, and I have to deliver. I haven’t done that. Quite frankly, it’s evident.”

Newton recorded 15 passes for just 98 yards and a 39.7 quarterback rating.

“The energy has definitely been off for me and, at times, it’s not rewarding when you’re just going out there with this aura about yourself that’s not you. I love playing this football game. I have fun playing this football game, but the performances here haven’t been delightful for me to have fun in doing so.”

Newton will remain the starting going forward: “Just wanted to give Stid a little experience here,” Belichick said.

“We were clearly out-coached, out-played in just about everything,” he explained. “We need to just keep working here and find a way just to do everything better.”

The Patriots are now 2-4.