6 Dogs Posthumously Releases “Beach House” With RIZ LA VIE

6 Dogs Posthumously Releases “Beach House” With RIZ LA VIE

6 Dogs was one of the strongest forces in Atlanta’s underground rap scene, delivering some standout songs throughout his young career. “Faygo Dreams” has surpassed over 100 million streams on Spotify and it doesn’t seem like it will be stopping anytime soon. There was just something so special about 6 Dogs, which makes the end of his story all the more tragic.

The rapper took his own life earlier this year, just weeks before he was set to release his latest studio album. At the time of his death, 6 Dogs’ album RONALD, titled after his given name, was fully complete along with a schedule of what to release as singles and when. This project is exactly as 6 Dogs envisioned it. The latest single to arrive from RONALD is the catchy “Beach House” with a feature from RIZ LA VIE.

The song was released alongside a music video, which shows Chase enjoying life on the beach with RIZ LA VIE. His lyrics are very relatable, especially right now, as he says, “I need a vacation, I been in the house.” According to his team, this was Chase’s favorite song on the album.

6 Dogs Forever. Listen to the new single below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Leave and don’t come back, road trip from myself, okay
Now I’m countin’ racks, now I ain’t lookin’ back, okay
Trips in the spaceship, sunlight medication
Count up with my brothers, we some big stunters