ZaZa Releases Her Six-Track EP “Da Boss Baby”

ZaZa Releases Her Six-Track EP “Da Boss Baby”

She’s just five-years-old, but ZaZa has been dominating. She strutted into the hearts of fans after her parents shared videos of her jamming to some of our favorite hip hop artists, and soon, the young girl’s sassy attitude helped forge an empire. The viral sensation has a string of songs under her belt, including her recently released single “Girls Run Everything,” and now the tiny star is back with a new project titled “Da Boss Baby.” It’s a quick stream as the six-track record only lasts 11 minutes.

Now, we don’t expect too many adults to cruise around while blasting Da Boss Baby, but ZaZa has been able to create family-friendly hip hop music that children seem to love. We’re often discussing lyrical content and whether or not it’s acceptable for young kids, so why not introduce an alternative from a pint-sized talent who won’t be slowing down anytime soon. ZaZa’s nearly-two million Instagram followers don’t seem to mind, so check out Da Boss Baby by five-year-old rapper ZaZa.


1. Money Comin In (Boom Boom)
2. Ice Cream Cold
3. Queen Walk
4. One Buck
5. Man Stop
6. Girls Run Everything