Top5 Channels Gucci Mane Levels Of Disrespect On “2 Cases”

Top5 Channels Gucci Mane Levels Of Disrespect On “2 Cases”

If you’ve been following Akademiks’ live stream in recent times, several budding Toronto stars have begun getting cozy with the hip-hop personality. He’s hosted the likes of Pressa, Chromazz, and even Chair Girl but somehow, Top5 is easily becoming the biggest star out of these Twitch streams. He’s using the recent social media infamy to his benefit, as well, with the release of his latest single, “2 Cases.” The song emphasizes his disrespectful nature with a bar that seems to pay homage to Gucci Mane’s infamous “dig your patna up” bar.

Top5 has been a growing name out of the 6ix over the past few years, largely due to a co-sign from Drake. In recent times, he’s released several big hits such as “Steppaz” and “Head Of Me” alongside WhyG.

Check out Top5’s new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Like I’m not in the staff, my broski’s Larry Bird
Like I won’t shoot back, if a n***a gon’ shoot first
And one last thing: go dig your homie out the dirt 

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