Today in Hip-Hop History: 27 Years Ago Dr. Dre Released ‘The Chronic’

Today in Hip Hop History, Dr. Dre released his solo debut album The Chronic on December 15, 1992 solidifying himself as a solo superstar.

The debut studio album by former N.W.A. group member and recording artist Dr. Dre was released on December 15, 1992, by his own record label Death Row Records and distributed by Interscope Records. “Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang”, “Fuck wit Dre Day” and “Let Me Ride” became ten Billboard singles and instant hip hop classics receiving heavy radio and TV rotation. Showcasing hard-hitting drums fused with gangsta beast, Dr. Dre added another notch to his production belt and became a huge force to reckon in the industry.

As a teenage girl, I remember the shift that happened when this album came out. I was instantly drawn to the potty-mouthed, lyrical gangsta hailing from the west coast.

I remember writing down the lyrics to ‘Ain’t No Fun’ and being amazed at the poetic charm of Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound. As he continued to flourish into the burgeoning mogul he’s become today, Dr. Dre taught us that you can start all over when you focus on talent.

Salute to this classic album as we go back in time and celebrate The Chronic.

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