The Weeknd Conjured Dark Disco On “House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls”

The Weeknd Conjured Dark Disco On “House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls”

When The Weeknd first slid into the fold, he became an instant critical darling. The enigmatic Canadian, seemingly fueled by heartbreak and drug-fueled casual sex, was among the first to pioneer a darker brand of afterparty RnB. Now, his Trilogy is considered essential listening, with the first chapter in particular housing some of his best material to date. One need only look to the first chapter House Of Balloons for proof, with the title track standing the test of time as an arguable magnum opus. Somehow, The Weeknd manages to capture a party simultaneously going wrong and right, sloppy yet oddly sophisticated. 

The “House Of Balloons” movement floats appropriately, with Weeknd’s signature falsetto gliding over the dark disco beat. Conversely, “Glass Table Girls” finds our hero back down to Earth, damn near rapping his way through an inebriated tryst; there’s something here for everyone, and it’s no wonder the man’s career skyrocketed from that moment onward. One day removed from Trilogy’s seven-year birthday, be sure to show some love to one of Canada’s national treasures. 

Quotable Lyrics

Two puffs for the lady who be down for that
Whatever, together
Bring your own stash of the greatest, trade it
Roll a dub, burn a dub, cough a dub, taste it
Then watch us chase it
With a handful of pills, no chasers
Jaw clenching on some super-sized papers