T.I. Introduced The World To Slick Talk With “I’m Serious”

T.I. Introduced The World To Slick Talk With “I’m Serious”

The invention of Trap Music has been largely credited to Tip Harris, although Gucci Mane fans have come to accept an alternate version of history. Yet the fact remains, T.I. made a hell of an impression when he first touched down back in 2001, bringing forth his major-label debut I’m Serious. Given the numbers he’d go on to move, it’s hard to imagine T.I in his formative years, a young dope boy with a penchant for slick talk. And yet I’m Serious served as an interesting, if slightly unfocused introduction to a promising new voice, one that would eventually make major waves in the early millennium. 

As they say, one must start somewhere. In that sense, it feels appropriate to begin with the project’s title track, which arrived at the height of a Neptunes creative peak. Pharell and Chad Hugo could simply do no wrong, lacing Tip with a signature synth beat, simplistic in its ringtone approach to melody. T.I. slides from his comfort zone with little effort, riding the groove with his ambition on display. A self-professed “pompous arrogant son of a bitch,” it would have been hard not to root for the delightfully belligerent Tip, the future savior of a post-Stankonia Atlanta.; not to mention, he realized his own destiny in working with Jay-Z and flowing on a Dre beat. Congratulations to the Troubleman for a long and successful career, and it all began right here.

Quotable Lyrics

Some n***s wonder what my goal is
They think it’s goin’ gold havin’ hoes sweatin’ me
Fuck that, I’m in it for the longevity
Picture me as one of the greatest that’ll ever be
Compare me to, 2Pac, B.I.G., and Jay-Z
Work with legends like Organized No I.Z, and J.D
Neptunes, even flow on one of Dre’s beats
Fly to Miami, chill with Luke and we can trade freaks