Stream Dennis Graham’s Newest Effort “That On That”

Stream Dennis Graham’s Newest Effort “That On That”

Dennis Graham is back with a new track titled “That on That,” an R&B/Hip-hop blend that dates Drake’s dad to be from another era. His songwriting is very bland at best. The lines “All the time/I’m gone for a while/I’m out here doing it/I’m making people smile” kick off the track and the rest goes anywhere but uphill from there. The beat is passable but the vocal inflections Graham throws on top of lines like “I can’t sleep at night” are downright painful.

Fans don’t seem impressed by this effort either. The top comment on the song’s YouTube page reads, “Drake bruh, come get yo dad, or AT LEAST give him 8 bars.” Scrolling down the page, more disappointed comments reveal themselves. “Bruh this auto tune makes me want to jump out a window ngl,” another said. Check the music video out for yourself below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I can’t sleep at night without one eye open
When I’m in the other room, I can hear tip toeing
Ear to the door with a styrofoam cup
Detectives on my case about to lock me up