Steph Curry Responds To Kevin Durant’s Decision To Leave Warriors: Watch

Steph Curry Responds To Kevin Durant’s Decision To Leave Warriors: Watch

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors were arguably the best team in the entire NBA before Kevin Durant joined them. Once Durant came on board, they quickly became an unstoppable force that won two straight NBA championships. Had it not been for injuries, the Warriors probably would have won three in a row and who knows, maybe KD would have stayed. Instead, Durant took his talents to the Brooklyn Nets where he will be teaming up with Kyrie Irving to bring some championships to a city that has been yearning for one for decades.

In a recent article by Eric Ting of SF Gate, Curry spoke about his relationship with Durant and how both men were able to progress as people over the last few years. 

“We won two championships and I think we both got better throughout the process both as basketball players and as people,” Curry said. “With the demand every single night to be great and everything that comes with… it’s a lot to handle and I think me and him especially on that level could connect.”

Curry also took the high road when asked about Durant’s decision to leave, saying he’s happy to see players make decisions on their own terms.

“Obviously at the end of the day with him going to Brooklyn, you’re just trying to make sure he’s happy and going to a place he feels like he needs to be,” he said. “At the end of the day you have to be happy about that for him. That’s what every player in this league wants, to be in a situation where they can decide where they want to play.”

There’s no denying the Warriors are going to miss him.