Soriano Writes And Produces New EP “Disillusioned”

Soriano Writes And Produces New EP “Disillusioned”

Yesterday, Soriano dropped his anticipated EP Disillusioned 2 months after releasing his single “Purity” from the album. 

The artist has been taking the back seat in terms of dropping original content, and instead has been focusing on producing tracks for rising rapper Eli Sostre (including his most recent, smooth flowing “Motorola” single). 

Last March, however, the rapper/producer announced on Instagram that he was actively working on his new album. “Putting my all into this album. Artwork, Production, Writing & Mixing all done by myself. Literally a piece of me in a form of a project,” he wrote.

The album has the same vibe throughout, delivering dark and trapp-y vibes, and showing off Soriano’s ability to produce contemporary beats that incorporate electro-type undertones, flow smoothly and go hard in their own respect. Jacobi, of Glitch Realm, appears as a producer on a couple of the songs, giving his unique and eerie touch to the tracks.

Standouts from the album include songs: “Disillusioned” “Purity” and “Highs Feel Low.”


1. Stay The Same Into (prod. Soriano)
2. Disillusioned (prod. Soriano)
3. Who You Are (prod. Soriano and Jacobi)
4. New Game Plus (prod. Jacobi)
5. Purity (prod. Soriano)
6. Vanish (prod. Soriano)
7. Switchblade (prod. Soriano and Jacobi)
8. Highs Feel Low (prod. Soriano)