Saweetie Is Every Destiny’s Child Member In Halloween “Bootylicious” Remake

Saweetie Is Every Destiny’s Child Member In Halloween “Bootylicious” Remake

It may be a little early to say but Saweetie is in the lead to officially take home the grand prize for Halloween’s best costumes.

Every year, we see celebrities go all-out to entertain the masses with their Halloween costumes. This year, Spooky Season is unlike anything we’ve ever lived through but still, everyone is gearing up to enjoy the night with scary movies, candy, and, if you had the energy, costumes and decorations.

Saweetie has already shown off one of her costumes, dressing up as RuPaul, the famous drag queen, and giving off true “Don’t fuck it up!” vibes. That much would have been enough to have her as a frontrunner for this year’s occasion. However, she went and outdid herself mere days after, following up on her desire to sample Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” in a new song by becoming each of the three members of the girl group for Halloween.

The rap princess released a new video on social media to follow up her RuPaul ‘fit, working with a team of stylists and creative directors to make her into Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams, all at once. Seriously… it’s a sight to behold.

We’ll likely be seeing even more dope costumes tonight and tomorrow night but, for now, Saweetie has Halloween won.

Are you dressing up this year and have you seen any costumes that top this?