Samples: Shiho Yabuki ‎(矢吹紫帆) – New Meditation (1990) FULL ALBUM

Samples: Shiho Yabuki ‎(矢吹紫帆) – New Meditation (1990) FULL ALBUM

Apollon ‎– APCE-5063 (Japan, 1990)

00:00 1. New Meditation
18:57 2. Pastel Wave
22:49 3. Cosmic Dance
27:48 4. Moon Shadow
39:16 5. Love And Lights
45:38 6. Samadhi

Shiho Yabuki is a legendary Japanese musician and magician. Shiho started with classic piano as a five years old. She later worked with making music for the Kanebo Beauty Reserch Laberatory and became a pioneer of healing music. She has performed all over the world.

Composed, arranged and performed by – Shiho Yabuki
Design – Makoto Morita
Engineer – Toshiaki Takagi
Photography – Shonosuke Shimada
Producer – Masayoshi Masubuchi

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