Samples: Geinoh Yamashirogumi (芸能山城組) – Silkroad No Genjo (シルクロード幻唱) (1981) FULL ALBUM

Samples: Geinoh Yamashirogumi (芸能山城組) – Silkroad No Genjo (シルクロード幻唱) (1981) FULL ALBUM

Invitation ‎– VIH-28028 (Japan, 1981)

00:00 A1. 暁梁王 = Xiao Liang (Japanese medieval song)
07:14 A2. 先祖の神に祈る = Pray to the god of our ancestors (Taiwan, Takasago)
08:24 A3. 舟こぎ競争の唄 = The boat song (India, Bengal region)
12:15 A4. 糸を紡いでいた時 = When I was spinning yarn (Corsica)
16:55 A5. 老人・ディアンベゴ = Old man’s song (Georgia)
20:27 B1. アフィ讃(抄) = Prayer (Ladakh, Himalayas)
30:30 B2. チャー = Char (Pakistan, Colorash)
33:19 B3. イントロイト〜マニト = Hymn Introduction (Syria)
36:25 B4. ジグル = Jiggle (Turkey, Muslim prayer)
42:00 B5. ディミャニンカの水鏡 = Dimyaninka no mizukagami

Why aren’t more people aware of Geinoh Yamashirogumi, given the legendary status of AKIRA and its soundtrack, for which they are responsible? Geinoh Yamashirogumi is a Japanese musical collective founded in 1974 by the artist and scientist Tsutomu Ōhashi. It consisted of hundreds of people, mostly “non-musicians” from all walks of life. They continued to issue recordings until the mid 90’s and were largely dedicated to the translation of global folk music idioms, though their renderings are insane and nearly unrecognizable from the source.
Committed ethnomusicologists, Geinoh seem to study musical forms by posessing them. The pre-AKIRA Selections from Folk Music from Silkroad threads a musical cartography through Taiwan, India, Corsica, Georgia, Pakistan, Syria, and Turkey. Geinoh use nothing but their voices to make something astral and forever-sounding. This choral music sounds like the stars and should be sung by all who travel under them, as a prayer to ward off misadventure.

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