Sada Baby Channels Adam Sandler Energy On “Bobby Bouscher”

Sada Baby Channels Adam Sandler Energy On “Bobby Bouscher”

Throughout the year, Sada Baby’s name’s popped up a lot. The Detroit rapper has yet to really have his breakout moment but 2020 seems as promising as ever. He has the makings of the star from the music itself to his humorous personality that shines on and off record. The rapper returned earlier this week with a brand new record named after the iconic character from The Waterboy.

Adam Sandler’s energy comes through Sada Baby on his latest track, “Bobby Bouscher.” With production handled by ChaseTheMoney, Sada Baby delivers a mellow yet hard-hitting banger as he switches up his flow throughout the track. It’s yet another track from Sada Baby that only further proves that he’s the next up out of Detroit right now.

Peep his new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
You got nudes, air drop me
I don’t wanna see no pics thats PG-13
I shoot shit like PG-13
Okay, see, do the Peewee Hermeen