RetcH Wins The Underground Music Game With ”My Cousin Made This Beat”

RetcH Wins The Underground Music Game With ”My Cousin Made This Beat”

Since 2012, RetcH has been creating a big buzz in the underground scene. With this new track, ”My Cousin Made This Beat,” he really embodies the underground flow — in a good way. Most rappers’ goal is to be mainstream, but this song gave RetcH the throne in the underground kingdom, which is just as much of a success than anything else. 

The New Jersey rapper has been hustling as hard as ever with his most recent projects, including Richer Than The Opps and GuWiiMoney, where he flaunts on his opposition and collaborates with other underground producers, such as Hendrix and Loud Pack. On of his biggest accomplishments was his feature in ScHoolboy Q’s ”On Me.” 

Although it’s been almost 10 years since he’s released his mixtapes, Retch is determined to keep writing and producing pieces more powerful than ever. This track is proof of that, as he creates a freestyle flow and underground beat to showcase his raw talent. He really takes this honest and ruthless approach to his productions. The passion for music is most evident in this track, as he almost clarifies that he will remain true to his style. He deserves to be crowned King of underground music as he stays true to himself and creates this gangster flow that’s missing in the music industry today.

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