RealLife Showcases Vocals On “Wings Of Protection”

RealLife Showcases Vocals On “Wings Of Protection”

RealLife says his new single “Wings Of Forgiveness” is a different type of song and after a listen I think you’ll tend to agree.  The track incorporates so much into it that you can’t necessarily pinpoint what is going on. With smooth vocals over his guitar RealLife sings his heart out making you wonder where his inspiration is from.

RealLife said to HotNewHipHop, “you can’t put this song in a box. It’s against the grain but it’s real and that’s all that matters to me.” Spoken like a true artist. The song stands out in ways because the genre is almost uncertain. What type of song is this? Is it Pop? R&B? There’s even hints of Soft Rock in there. Clearly a talented musician RealLife has a vision for his art. Let’s see where that vision takes him.

Quotable Lyrics

I pick up my guitar
There’s no telling what I might do
I want to smash it on all your heads
Sometimes I want to sing the blues