NIKI Drops Debut Album “Moonchild”

She may not be a household name yet, but when your hit single becomes a viral TikTok sensation, it’s only a matter of time.

The Indonesian vocalist/musical jack-of-all-trades first caught the ears of many with her collaboration with 88rising, “Indigo”. The cheery pop-synth tune was a bouncing dose of portent for the music to come from NIKI.

Now, she’s fulfilled the promise of sonic excitement with Moonchild, an album she has all but labeled as her love letter to music. Said NIKI, “The word ‘Moonchild’ came to me when I was going through a phase of staying up at ungodly hours of the night strictly to write music”.

She continued, “My prior works were about love and youth, this album is very much rooted in self. It’s essentially a musical parable about growth, which is fitting because that’s exactly what happened to me whilst making it. It was without a doubt the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world!”

The riff-twisting revelation is laced with the singer’s signature ethereal falsetto, placed on top of mainstream R&B/Pop production. Something of a familiar oddity, the blend between Taylor Swift’s Reputation and Daniel Caesar’s CASE STUDY 01, makes for a memorable for audiences across the musical spectrum.