Love & Hip Hop Season 8 Episode 3 Recap: Moniece Slaughter Is Back

Love & Hip Hop Season 8 Episode 3 Recap: Moniece Slaughter Is Back

Akbar V. is introduced to the cast in the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Moniece Slaughter is back, Mama Dee kicks people out the palace and more…

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Akbar V, a mother and rapper from the rougher ends of Atlanta, was introduced in this week’s episode as a woman on a mission. With the sole intent of getting out of the hood to secure a better future for her children, Akbar harnessed worthy advice from close friend and fellow cast member Sierra as well as her cousin, who happens to be XSCAPE’s Kandi Burruss (also Real Housewives of Atlanta). The latter brought up introspection for the rapper who noted the importance of will when it comes to initiating positive change in one’s life. We remain curious as to what Akbar’s personality and storyline will bring to the show.


The season began with a bang for Scrapp Deleon. Though now freed of the correctional system’s grip, the rapper remains tightly held by the claws of familial drama. Last week came with a series of shocking revelations amidst the King household which left a strain in Scrapp’s relationship with his mother. Nevertheless, this episode focused on Scrapp’s untarnished relationships which included his recent-amicable bond with baby mother Tierra. Ever since Scrapp’s return home, Tierra admitted the resurgence of romantic feelings for Scrapp, leaving her hoping to rekindle sparks with her beloved baby daddy. Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Deleon has already gotten cozy with someone else. And that special someone is no other than feisty baby mother of B2K’s Lil Fizz and cast member of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Moniece Slaughter. Will Tierra gently back down and allow Scrapp to be swept away by Moniece? 


This week’s episode offered a first glimpse into the lives of Bambi, Scrappy, Mama Dee and Cece as they ready for Bambi’s delivery. While “The Bam” remains focused on pushing through these last few weeks of pregnancy, Scrappy recovers from a foot injury following a car accident. At such a time, the combined support of both Mama’s proves to be beneficial to the household. Though the evident friction between the future grandmothers begins to bring worry and stress to the expecting couple.

In the season premiere, Mama Dee shared her frustrations surrounding cohabitating with Bambi’s mother Cece. And indeed, it was only a matter of time before the rising tension reached a boiling point. Multiple clashes between the two throughout the episode eventually led to an epic showdown where Mama Dee, who had enough of Mama Cece’s antics, kicked her out the palace.


New business ventures have our girl Tokyo Vanity excited for the future. With her cosmetic line now successfully launched, the rapper turned entrepreneur has moved onto setting a new goal for herself: weight loss. Upon learning of Tokyo’s decision, close friend Sierra opted for a tough-love approach to keep Tokyo committed to her weight shedding goals.

Last season, Tokyo Vanity was introduced as a proud plus-sized woman, strong on body positivity and the importance of loving oneself as is. The latter explained the friction with cast-mate Spice over body-shaming comments at the season seven reunion. Though Sierra may have meant well, her approach did not sit well with Tokyo and the two friends eventually clashed.