Lizzo & Missy Elliott Up The “Tempo” On New Single

Lizzo & Missy Elliott Up The “Tempo” On New Single

Last month, Lizzo started to tease a new collaboration with Missy Elliott, sending her fans into a frenzy. The rapper opened many eyes with her single “Juice,” bringing back funk elements and dropping a bonafide summer song in the middle of the winter. Nobody knew that we needed “Juice” but we ended up loving it. Now, Lizzo is back with another big girl anthem, standing in the middle of the spotlight with one of the most legendary female emcees of all time. Off the upcoming album Cuz I Love You, “Tempo” with Missy Elliott is officially out.

It’s not every day that we get to hear a brand new Missy verse. For the last few years, the vocalist has been relatively quiet on the musical front but she found the perfect opportunity to remind everybody that she’s still got the magic, assisting Lizzo with “Tempo.” As always, Lizzo dedicates this one to all the thick girls around, saying that “slow songs, they for skinny hoes.”

Missy has always been expressive on the mic, spitting some of her trademarks vibes on this one. Lizzo’s new album will be out on April 19. Are you messing with this track?

Quotable Lyrics:

Kitty cat, kitty cat, prrr
All the thick girls down on the flrrr
Ice on my neck like brrr
I’m big-boned with nice curves
Look at me, I know I look grrrd
Look good, look good, look grrrd
I’ma show y’all chicks how to drrr it
Your n***a, he wish he could