Lil Quill Reflects On Darker Days On “January February”

Lil Quill Reflects On Darker Days On “January February”

Although it seems like things are pretty stagnant with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo label, the artists that are signed to the label are still putting in the groundwork. Quill and Mal were among the first signees to the label but these days, they seem to be a bit more focused on their solo endeavors. They’ve released solo projects and continued to pump out new music. Now, Lil Quill returns with his latest single, “January December.”

Reflecting on the rise from the trap, Lil Quill is back with a brand new single titled, “January December.” The rapper hops on a stripped that instrumental as he looks back on the darker days before music began to take off. It’s a gloomy vibe but it also shows Quill’s versatility as an artist and a vulnerable side of him.

Peep his new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
So many nights I remember
Post up on that block, January December
My n***a look up to me 
Even though I ain’t nothin’ but five feet