Lil Baby Gets Public Apology Over Fake Watch

Lil Baby Gets Public Apology Over Fake Watch

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Only a few days ago, Lil Baby decided to spend a nice penny on the 40th anniversary of Patek Phillipe’s Nautilus collection. The rapper posted that he spent 400K on a watch that he believed was an authentic Patek. However, social media proved to the rapper that the watch was a replica.

Lil Baby posted this to his Instagram in response to the situation, “@patekphillipe see this why I need to be on the list!!! Aftermarket jewelers going to make me do something I shouldn’t be doing.” 

Many took to social media to question the credentials of NYC jeweler Rafaello and Co. Since then, the jeweler has come to Instagram to take the situation, saying that he was unaware of the watch being a fake.

“I personally want to apology to Lil Baby for not doing my due diligence when selling him the Patek watch,” the company penned on IG.  “I should’ve inspected the watch after purchasing it from the dealer. I take full responsibility for not doing my job properly. I personally would NEVER knowingly sell him or anyone else anything that is not 100% authentic.”

Despite the awkward exchange, Lil Baby was able to walk out of the situation with four new iced-out rings. Check out the rest below.

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