LeBron James Makes Strong Declaration About KCP

LeBron James Makes Strong Declaration About KCP

At the start of last season, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope of the Los Angeles Lakers began to have a very rough time. He was missing shots and putting up stat lines that had all of Twitter coming after him. In situations like this, it is easy for a player to just shut down and lose all of their confidence. With KCP, this simply was not the case as he was able to turn on the jets and become one of the Lakers’ best role players. This was especially true in the NBA Finals as KCP hit huge shots in big moments.

Just yesterday, the NBA Twitter account decided to pay homage to Caldwell-Pope’s efforts by posting some of his best NBA Finals highlights. LeBron James caught on to the hype surrounding the clip and weighed in as he made his best dad pun in regards to KCP’s name. Simply put, LeBron is convinced Caldwell-Pope is the real MVP.

“KC-“MVP”ope!!! My brother was PHENOMENAL!!” James wrote. Caldwell-Pope has been honest with the media about his struggles earlier in the season, so receiving such a co-sign from LeBron must be a real honor. Not to mention, the NBA championship certainly helped to shut the haters up.

Caldwell-Pope is currently under contract with the Lakers for one more year, although he can opt-out this offseason if he so chooses. For now, however, it seems like L.A. is his ideal destination.

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