LBS Kee’vin Swears To Turn The Hater Into “John Doe”

LBS Kee’vin Swears To Turn The Hater Into “John Doe”

After dropping his single “Shining” with 4PF’s 42 Dugg last month, Florida’s LBS Kee’vin returns with a brand new single.

Kee’vin is on his dolo tip on this one, attacking a bass-heavy beat (which sounds uncannily like the work of fellow Floridian Ronny J) with a galloping machine gun flow.

Although the song is just under two minutes long, it gives LBS Kee’vin plenty of time to talk his sh*t. 

“If a n**** reaching for my chain, he gon need another limb,” he warns confidently.

Check out “John Doe” below and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

I been ballin for real in the system, my n****s they callin me LBS Rondo
I’m the sickest lil n****, was born as a dealer, my grandma and even my mom know
They created a player, no I’m not a skater by far but shit that’s who I grind for
My team VVS and the belt got the rhinestones
Call a b*tch over because I need my mind blown
I make her blow the whole team like a trombone
I can do this sh*t with a blind fold