Joie Chavis Fires Light-Hearted Shots At Ex’s Future & Bow Wow

Joie Chavis Fires Light-Hearted Shots At Ex’s Future & Bow Wow

Joie Chavis typically does not spend as much time in the headlines as other women who have been associated with the “baby mama” title, avoiding any messy public legal battles or media fights with her exes, the model actually maintains a pretty healthy relationship with Future and Bow Wow, whom she shares children with. The 32-year-old beauty has been praised for her co-parenting skills by both Bow Wow and Future, and it’s well-documented that she does not have a bitter or shady bone in her body against her famous exes. That hasn’t stopped the influencer and entrepreneur from taking light jabs at them on her socials, however. 

A few weeks ago, Joie shared a throwback PSA from Nicki Minaj where she reminded women to stay headstrong and not let a “weak” man hold you down. In a new TikTok, Chavis seemingly shaded one of her famous exes. The popular TikTok trend the mom of two posted poses the question, “Would you stomp your […] out for a mil?” and usually asks about exs, siblings, and family members. Choosing to take the ex route, Chavis answered the question by pretending to stomp on her phone as she break-dances around the screen. 

As mentioned previously, Chavis has no beef with either Bow Wow or Future and stays in frequent contact with both of them as they raise their little ones together. 

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