Jeezy & Meek Mill Got The Streets On Lock On “MLK BLVD”

Jeezy & Meek Mill Got The Streets On Lock On “MLK BLVD”

Jeezy’s preparing for the release of his final album, TM 104. It’s sad to think that one of trap’s most beloved figures will be retiring the mic to focus on other endeavors. But thankfully, he’s planning on going out with a bang on his final album. Now, he returns with a brand new single featuring Meek Mill titled, “MLK BLVD.” Lex Luger holds down the intense trap production while Jeezy leads the way. Within the first verse, Jeezy touches on a plethora of subjects from the ongoing “Fuck Trump” movement to name-dropping Rick Ross, 50 Cent, and Boyz N The Hood. He even uses Kanye’s relationship with Trump to leeway into his feelings about the current president. Meek Mill was a perfect addition to the song. While Jeezy returns to his gritty trap roots, Meek Mill returns to the slums of Philly as he reflects on his rise to the top of the rap game.

Peep the new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
You get that dirty money, best to wash it
Just keep  your eyes out for them false prophets
This n***a talkin’ like he Ye or somethin’
That n***a must be off that yay or somethin’
Heard what I said, n***a, fuck Trump
Say it again, n***a, fuck Trump

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