G Herbo Hypes Forthcoming “PTSD” Album With “In This B*tch” Single

G Herbo Hypes Forthcoming “PTSD” Album With “In This B*tch” Single

Just in case you may have forgotten, G Herbo is here to remind you that he’s “In This B*tch.” The Chicago native makes sure to those who doubt him know that he’s here to stay for as long as he pleases. “In This B*tch” is laced with bars where Herbo flexes his status and wealth, but that’s a staple in hip hop. 

Just prior to the New Year, Herbo delivered his Session EP, his featureless, nine-track project that was released just ahead of his anticipated PTSD album. “MY ALBUM IS GOING TO SHED LIGHT ON THE THINGS THAT ME AND MY BROTHERS EXPERIENCE EVERY DAY,” Herbo tweeted last year. “THIS IS GOING TO BE THE REALEST ALBUM IVE EVER DROPPED AND IMA TELL IT LIKE IT IS. THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER.” Give “In This B*tch” a good listen and let us know if you’re looking forward to PTSD.

Quotable Lyrics

And we good in this b*tch
Bankrolls in this b*tch
I’m too rich to talk to any of these stank hoes in this b*tch
Dress code, man I got on white loave sin this b*tch
N*gga disrespect me we gon’ light hoes in this b*tch