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5 thoughts on “Drumkits: Pints & Gas Basic Drum-Kit (Yungcityslicka.com)

  1. Just to save everyone some time here, it’s not worth getting even for the loops / MIDI. As for the samples, everyone on this sub already has them, if you are new you are better off looking for a bigger kit that includes them

  2. Kind of annoying that a lot of the samples have extra time infront of the hit, like the kicks won’t hit perfectly on the one unless you trim it.

  3. thanks mane appreciate this a lot . ppl dont know how to be unique…..yeah ima gett all the loops on reddit and when you hear em on the radio yal niggas aint even gona knowu mmade the shit thas just how it goes still props to you thanks again <333

  4. Ok, I know this has nothing to do with this, but do you know where I can find the cutting board type stick found after the two clicks in Comethazine – bands? It would be a great help. Thanks

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