Danny Green Unapologetic About Game 5 Miss

Danny Green Unapologetic About Game 5 Miss

Danny Green was one of the most heavily-criticized players on the Los Angeles Lakers roster this season, especially throughout the postseason. There were times where Green would go cold while shooting from the three-point line, and this would anger the Lakers’ often overzealous fanbase. In fact, Green missed what would have been the NBA title-winning shot in Game 5 of the Finals against the Miami Heat. Following the miss, Green received death threats which he ultimately addressed.

The following game, Green was back to his normal self, all while the Lakers won the game easily. During an episode of The Ringer NBA Show, Green spoke about his Game 5 miss and what it felt like afterward. As he explained, some felt like he should apologize to the fans, although he was adamant about never doing that, as he felt like he didn’t owe anybody anything.

Danny Green

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Per Green:

“You know human nature of fans, they’re just very emotional. They take the game very serious and they see us as performers and if we’re not performing the way we’re supposed to then we’re supposed to apologize for it. No, I don’t owe you an apology. Whether I played shitty or not. You’re not my boss, coach, and I’m not gonna apologize for missing shots. I’ll apologize to my teammates for missed mistakes, missed assignments, if I mess up a play or defensively don’t make a rotation. But no, I don’t owe you anything.”

Heading into next season, Green will be in the final year of his deal with the Lakers, and it’s clear he will be excited to prove his worth and help this team win yet another title.