Cuba Gooding Claims He Didn’t Sexually Harass The Accuser, ‘My Girlfriend Was Right There!’

Cuba Gooding maintains that he is an innocent man.

According to TMZ, the Oscar-Award winning actor said that he remembers the accuser from that night.

And while he touched her thigh as a friendly gesture, he “absolutely did NOT touch her breast.”  But that’s not all he remembered about her or the night Gooding also recalled the girl’s taste in movies, appearing to be offended that out of all the movies that he had starred in, she told him that she loved Snow Dogs the most.

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Gooding’s attorney Mark Heller tries to unpack the video that has been circulating, one that allegedly shows the incident that night in the NYC club. Heller notes that when Gooding’s hand comes up from touching her inner thigh, it is not meet her hand and not her breast, bringing her hand to his lips for a kiss.

See… makes perfect sense.

Especially since the actor insists that he was on his best behavior because he was being mindful that his girlfriend Claudine De Niro was sitting in a position to separate them on the couch.

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According to reports, Gooding and De Niro were definitely out “coupling,” and after meeting the young lady went downstairs to make out. When they returned to public eye, the accuser went to security to report that she had been violated. Gooding did not even remember her when confronted by the security, his defense was not that he was too drunk to recall, but that he had met too many people that night to keep track.

On Thursday, Gooding was arrested for misdemeanor forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree .

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