City Girls’ JT Drops “JT First Day Out” Upon Prison Release

City Girls’ JT Drops “JT First Day Out” Upon Prison Release

The City Girls are back to being a duo in the flesh as member JT was reportedly released from prison on Tuesday. Yung Miami has been promising that JT would be making her way home soon, and now that they’re reunited, fans are excited that they’ll be able to catch these two take to the stage. 

It was back in 2018 when JT was sent to prison on charges of credit card fraud, and although her sentence was two years behind bars, she was released in a little over 12 months. City Girls were just gaining notoriety when JT was locked up, so Yung Miami took on the responsibility of holding down the City Girls name while her best friend was away. 

On Tuesday, JT announced that she would be dropping a new single, and as promised, here it is. On “JT First Day Out,” the Miami rapper shares her story on a solo track, letting the world know that she may have been down, but she’s certainly not out. Let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

The blogs didn’t make me mad, they made me motivated
Yeah I left the chain gang b*tch I graduated
Been the most important b*tch, yeah I’m celebrated
Lil baldhead b*tch still the most hated