Chuck Strangers Is In His “Regular Season” For New Single

Chuck Strangers Is In His “Regular Season” For New Single

Some of you may remember Chuck Strangers as the Pro Era standout rapping his ass off alongside Joey Bada$$ on tracks like “Style Wars” and the beloved 1999 cut “Fromdatomb$.” If you didn’t know, Chuck is also a talented producer, crafting the beats for “Fromdatomb$,” “My Yout” and a myriad of other Joey Bada$$ songs.

With a distorted voice filter cutting through a dusty self-produced beat, Chuck Strangers exorcises his demons in a manner reminiscent of Mac Miller’s Delusional Thomas project, repurposing DIY imperfections for a solemn aesthetic

The Pro Era rapper dropped the new song with a video to match. The visuals are simple, with Chuck smoking a spliff and sipping on some dark liquor as he laces up a fresh pair of “He Got Game” Jordan 13s

The video and the song are proof that the rapper/producer doesn’t need much to shine. Even the beat is artfully skeletal, with only a sole kick drum added on top of the skittering string sample. 

You can watch the video for “Regular Season” below. What are your thoughts on the Pro Era artist’s latest take on the golden age sound?

Quotable Lyrics

Put my head down all 82 games
And the dollars rain down for your love in exchange
You was born to entertain
Crazy cause I feel the same