Check Out Bryson Tiller’s New Single “Patient”

Check Out Bryson Tiller’s New Single “Patient”

“Sorry if I’m not patient with this,” Che Ecru sings on Bryson Tiller’s newest track, essentially speaking for all of Tiller’s fans over the last year. The fans have been very patient waiting for new music from the TrapSoul artist and now, they’re being rewarded. After a new single in July, he is already coming through with another, this time featuring Che Ecru. The new track is titled “Patient,” and is a step up from Tiller’s last single, “Blame,” which was mostly an announcement of his return.

The style of both Tiller and Ecru blend perfectly together on this newest venture. Ecru bodies the opening and Tiller comes in the final blow. The beat is subtle and everything to be expected, but it works well to showcase the vocal talents of both artists. Even after a long hiatus, Tiller seems to be working from a similar territory, but how can we blame him? He’s killing it. Until the song hits streaming services officially, you can find the track on Bryson Tiller’s website here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ain’t got time to chase me down
Hit me up when you’re around
If you’re around, then meet me right now
I love you down, fix it right now

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