Busta Rhymes Trainer Details Journey To Weight Loss During Quarantine

Busta Rhymes Trainer Details Journey To Weight Loss During Quarantine

Busta Rhymes shared incredible before-and-after pictures of his weight loss. The rapper had a heavy beer belly going on that he cut down to a full-blown six-pack. It’s a testament to Busta’s dedication to both his art and his health. Going to the gym and being committed to it day-in-day-out isn’t an easy thing.

Victor Muñoz, Busta’s personal trainer, recently detailed Busta’s journey to TMZ, explaining that Busta’s transformation was a product of strenuous training and a strict dietary regiment. He explained that Busta was lifting heavy weights including 300 lbs on the bench press. Meanwhile, his eating habits flipped completely. For one, Busta significantly cut down how much alcohol he was consuming and hired a chef who was preparing meals with leaner meats.

The entire transformation was really a product of the quarantine, Victor explained. As rappers were forced to cut any sort of performances, Busta used the newfound idle time to get ripped. Victor said they’ve worked together for eight years but being on lockdown provided them with a rare time that Bust would otherwise be using for performances. 

Victor and Busta would start off twice a week. Some of their sessions would be as long as two hours. However, they’re now at three to four days a week. In terms of the transformation, Victor explained, like most trainers would, that the results weren’t overnight. Over the months of hard work, Busta was finally able to get back in shape.

The biggest part of the battle is remaining fit after reaching your goals. Busta is far from slowing down, even on the campaign for Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God. Victor explained that Busta’s opting out of taking the elevator to get to his New York City studio these days. Instead, he uses the 16 flights of stairs to get into his spot. 

Busta’s transformation is truly inspirational. Keep your eyes peeled for his new album and check out some workout footage below.