BlueBucksClan Links Up With Lil Yachty For “Last Minute”

BlueBucksClan Links Up With Lil Yachty For “Last Minute”

BlueBucksClan, the Los Angeles rap duo known for its inimitable cadences and inclusion of straight-faced comedy into its lyrics, is back today with the second single from their forthcoming mixtape Clan Virus 2. Since emerging as a group in 2019, BlueBucksClan members DJ and Jeeezy have been building a catalog that’s just as consistent as it is quirky. Now, ahead of the release of Clan Virus 2, the duo is welcoming Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty into their unique sonic fold on “Last Minute.”

Although DJ and Jeeezy don’t typically do collaborations outside of BlueBucksClan, “Last Minute” definitely illustrates how easily they work with other artists. Lil Yachty manages to adopt the crew’s unique flow as well as their humorous flexes, and he delivers two eccentric verses throughout the song’s two-minute runtime, with pop-culture references to The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody and fellow rapper Ski Mask The Slump God. “Last Minute” follows February’s equally infectious “Horace Grant” and properly sets listeners up for the impending release of Clan Virus 2.

Are you feeling BlueBucksClan and Lil Yachty’s unique performance on “Last Minute?”

Quotable Lyrics

Whatchu mean who I’m with? B*tch, you too nosey
Run around the lobby like my brother first name Cody
F*ck it, run around the lobby like Mr. Mosby
Made another O and n*gga I don’t even wear Oakleys
Ridin’ round with a ski mask like my name is Stokely