Bebe Rexha Almost Drove Cross Country After Parents Were Diagnosed With COVID-19

Bebe Rexha Almost Drove Cross Country After Parents Were Diagnosed With COVID-19

Quarantine restrictions are lifting, slowly but surely, as citizens have been demanding for businesses to reopen. After months inside, residents, especially in the United States, are growing tired of the COVID-19  “Safer At Home” lockdown, so government officials have responded by stating that life can return to normal—whatever that may look like from this day forward—while also abiding by new laws regarding wearing masks and keeping safe distances from other people. Just because we’ll all be interacting outside once again doesn’t mean the pandemic doesn’t exist, as Bebe Rexha recently shared that both of her parents were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Bebe Rexha
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

Bebe Rexha chatted with Extra about her quarantine days as she said she’s been “testing new recipes” and “being super positive about doing things that feel good for my soul.” However, the singer also revealed that she almost drove across the country from Los Angeles to New York to be with her parents once they received their COVID-19 diagnosis.

“They got sick with the coronavirus and were very ill for three weeks, and I got very nervous,” she said. “I was thinking of doing the whole drive… to take care of them… They were so adamant about not having my brother and I there, but finally, they got better. Finally, they can taste food again. I’m really grateful.” Bebe also said, “I am happy that New York is getting into a much better spot and the East Coast is starting to see the light.” Watch her interview with Extra below and check out what else she had to say about her forthcoming album.